Latest Work


Rural qld & nsw - mamiya

A collection of rural settings and buildings from a recent trip into western New South wales, and Southern Queensland
All shot on a Mamiya RB67
Ilford Pan F+50 & Foma Retropan 320 Medium Format


Sawn Rocks

The slowly-cooled magma chamber inside an ancient eroded-away volcano produce the beautiful and surreal
phenomenon of hexagonal rock shapes as seen at Sawn Rocks National Park.
Shot on Fuji Neopan 1600 35mm & Fomapan 400 Medium Format


Lightning Ridge

The small Opal Mining town of Lightning Ridge in North West New South Wales.
Incredibly hot and dry when i visited in early December, the massive grain and high-contrast of the wonderful (but no longer made) Neopan 1600
enhances the rough texture of the barren but mineral-rich landscape.
Shot on Fuji Neopan 1600 & Ilford Delta 400 35mm


Deserted Wollar

The tiny upper-Hunter Valley town of Wollar has all but been abandoned.
Partially from residence fed up with round-the-clock-mining activities at the incredibly close Ulan Coal Mine,
and partially because a lot of the houses appear to have been deemed uninhabitable due to asbestos.
Shot on Fuji Natura 1600 35mm


Queensland Heat Haze

My long zoom lens highlights and enhances the intense heat across the barren and vast fallow crop fields in lower Queensland on a mid-30ºs day in late November.
Shot on Agfa APX 100 35mm


ulan coal mine

A still and moonless night in the upper Hunter Valley in New South Wales.
Mines are a frequent sight in the region, and work round the clock with great noise and light.
Shot on Fuji 100 35mm


Razorback TV Transmitter

Shot on Kodak Portra 800 35mm


lake burragorang

Lake Burragorang, which is the largest catchment lake for the greater Sydney water supply, starts to show signs of stress as long-submerged lake beds are exposed.
Foma Retropan 320 Medium Format; raw scans, and slightly damaged film.


wowong lagoon

A lagoon which is usually kept wet by the Murrumbidgee River sits dry in Central New South Wales.
Fomapan 400 35mm


Picton Barn

A picturesque rural landscape and old barn that always seems to capture my attention and camera whenever i am in the area. On the outskirts of Western Sydney just out of Picton.
Kodak 400 Tri-X 35mm, Foma Retropan 320 Medium Format, & Kodak Portra 800 35mm


THat Tree

An ongoing project to document a seemingly unchanging Australian rural landscape. Somewhere between Hay and Griffith, New South Wales.
Using a single oddly-shaped tree and its distant neighbour, i want to explore the use of different film stocks on the same image across an entire calendar year,
but with roughly a year between each image. Next goal; November 2019 using Fomapan 100


Purple Sunset

A sunshower at sunset near Griffith, New South Wales produced a magical purplish hue in the sky which was beautifully captured by some Fuji 200 35mm.


A Drought

A trip from Hay to Griffith in Southern Central New South Wales during August of 2018 reveals the devastation caused by the drought.
The unique and strange grain structure and tonal range of the wonderful Foma Retropan 320ASA 35mm adds to the bleakness of the scenes.


Dry Creek Bed

A dry creek i spotted from the road, which has obviously been the subject of a semi-recent flood, before the heavy drought now facing the region. Walbundrie, New South Wales.
Ilford Delta 400 & Fomapan 200 35mm


griffith Cotton Bales

Bright yellow cotton bales catch the setting sunlight and line the horizon on the outskirts of Griffith, New South Wales, as a looming storm approaches overhead.
Agfa CT Presia 100, Fuji 200, & Fomapan 400 35mm


douglas park bridge

The brilliant yellow setting sun contrasts beautifully against the intense blue sky underneath the Hume Motorway in Southern Sydney.
Kodak Gold 400 35mm & some damaged Fomapan 100 120


broughtons Pass weir

Long exposures captured some magic evening colours and haunting light from the Broughtons Pass Weir near Appin in Southern Sydney.
Kodak Portra 800 & Kodak Gold 400 35mm